Making Short Work of Xu-Fu

When the Celestial Tournament first came out I spent all of that week working on it. I was leveling pets, cobbling together teams and trying all sorts of different combinations until I finally, by some fluke of luck found the right combination and was able to collect my first pet. For months afterward I ignored the Tournament in favor of other things and only a few weeks ago have I started back up after peeking at some of the guides posted on Icy Veins and on the WarcraftPets forums.

Zagram’s Guide on Icy Veins is the one I’ve been using mostly, though I’ve adjusted some of the strategies listed to work better for me and most prominent among those is the strategy for Xu-Fu. That fierce little tiger cub was the source of much frustration for me the first few weeks I began my focused work on the Tournament. The strategy in the guide worked less than half of the time and not wanting to start everything all over again I ended up throwing out every mechanical I owned and only with lucky crits and misses would I be able to get past Xu-Fu.

The fourth week I was having more trouble than usual and on my third reset brought on by Xu-Fu knocking out all of my remaining mechanicals I was about to go in and give it another try when I noticed a goblin standing next to me obtained the achievement ‘Celestial Family’. I congratulated her and after a moment’s thought, whispered her again and asked what strategy she used for Xu-Fu. Her answer surprised me. (And I apologize! I didn’t at the time think to write down her name! But thank you, mysterious pet battling goblin!)

She used a Fox and a Spider with a mechanical in the third slot simply in case things went wrong to finish things off. And in my many weeks of using this strategy, I’ve never once had to use the Darkmoon Tonk that I keep in the reserve slot.

ImageI use a S/S Alpine Foxling with Bite, Howl, and Dazzling Dance and a Twilight Spider with Strike, Brittle Webbing, and Spiderling Swarm. You could use any fox or spider with this team as long as they have access to the key abilities. I also of course have my Darkmoon Tonk for backup with Missile, Shock ‘n Awe, and Ion Cannon just in case things go badly.

The strategy is simple. Open up with your fox and start with Dazzling Dance. Xu-Fu is still going to be faster until you have this up buffing your pets. Use Bite if you think you can without dying, otherwise use Howl on the round your fox is going to die. (In my experience I’ve always had the opportunity to get a Bite in with less than 25HP left after Xu-Fu’s attack, so it will be close!) After your fox puts up the Howl buff and dies, bring out your spider and apply Brittle Webbing, then Spidering Swarm on your next attack.

I haven’t seen Xu-Fu survive the Spiderling Swarm yet. But, if he does, use Strike until your spider dies then mop things up with your mechanical. Shock ‘n Awe and Ion Cannon should do the job nicely.

ImageEnjoy a frustration free battle and give your poor mechanical pets a bit of a break!