Beginning a Blog

A couple years ago I considered making a blog and even went so far as to brainstorm a few names and look at templates, but I got bogged down in the process and began to doubt that I had anything interesting to say, at least enough so that people would want to read it.

I decided this year I’d take another stab at it and begin my push to being a blogger during the Newbie Blogger Initiative which I had been following through some of the blogs I read. The other difference between my last attempt and this one is that I have clearer goals for what I actually want to accomplish with this blog.

  • I’d like to become a better writer for no other purpose than to please myself. Communicating effectively is important, especially online when text is the majority of how you are able to get your point across.
  • I want a place to chronicle my adventures in Warcraft and with other games in general. There will probably come a point in my lifetime when I eventually stop playing or perhaps even that WoW shuts down and I want to remember the people I encountered and the fun that I had.
  • I’d like to share my journey in certain projects with others in the hope that my mistakes along the way will help them avoid the same. Specifically I’m most interested in beginning the long grind of doing all of the Pet Battle PVP achievements and I want to catalog what I learn from complete noob to (hopefully) pro. Right now, I’ve not even attempted doing a single queued pet battle yet.
  • I want a place to keep track of my Warcraft Bucket List. Affectionately referred to for the current expansion as the MoP Bucket List. The end of every expansion is probably my favorite part of the cycle. I’m one of those strange people who look forward to the lull between the last content patch and the new expansion. My Bucket List is part of that which galvanizes me into action.
  • Also I have a lot of GIFs that I never get to use. And screenshots.

I’m incredibly excited to start this up and can’t wait til I get my blog in order.