About the Author

Hi! I’m Imry, a Tauren Discipline Priest on Moon Guard – US. I’ve played almost constantly since December 2006, I did miss out on a good chunk of the Burning Crusade. Currently I play on the roleplay servers of Moon Guard (Horde) and Wyrmrest Accord (Alliance) and while I love both servers and both factions I always focus on my Moon Guard Hordies.

I’m obsessed with pets and have been since Wrath when they made pet collecting a feasible option by adding them into the pet tab. Admittedly I was a little bit unsure about the addition of pet battles in Mists but I’ve since embraced them whole-heartedly and am currently working on climbing the ranks on Warcraftpets.com and levelling each and every single one of my collection to 25 in preparation for all the pets they’re sure to add in Warlords.

Tumblr  @ sleepingtauren.tumblr.com

Twitter  @ twitter.com/sleepingtauren

Email @ sleepingtauren@gmail.com

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